Kyoto Bicycle Rental
『Kyoto Miyabiya』
5 minutes From Kyoto Station

Booking call クーポン

  1. We get many orders so please give us 24 hours to reply.
  2. Please place online orders 2 days in advance.
  3. For orders done over the phone please call 1 day before expected date of rental by 6pm.
  4. Walk-in renting is also available just ask at out front desk.

Rental Time 8:30~18:30

E-mail adress
E-mail adress
Rental start day Day Month Year
Length of Rental day
Arrival Time
Accommodation name or adress

City Bicycle
(Tax not included)
City Bicycle C (3 speed) ¥1,000/day
City Bicycle C for tall person ¥1,000/day
City Bicycle A (Single speed) ¥900/day
E-Bike (Tax not included)
E-Bike A1 ¥1,400/day
E-Bike A2 ¥1,700/day
E-Bike B1 ¥2,000/day
E-Bike B2 (long distance) 26" ¥2,200/day
E-Bike B2 (long distance) 27" ¥2,200/day
E-Bike Sports B ¥2,200/day
Sports bikes
(Tax not included)
Mini Velo B ¥1,400/day
Hybrid Bike ¥1,800/day
MTB ¥1,600/day
Road Bike C ¥2,000/day
Kids bike & With child seat
(Tax not included)
Kids City ¥800/day
Kids MTB (6 speed) ¥800/day
With Child Front Seat(B) ¥1,200/day
E-Bike With Child Seat ¥2,000/day


  1. Orders can be canceled by 18:00 the day before renting without penalties.
  2. If a customer wants to cancel an order due to bad weather, they may do so before their expected time of rental without penalties.
  3. If a customer who made a reservation does not contact us, that order will be considered as canceled unless informed otherwise.

Other Instructions

  1. A picture Id is necessary for renting from our shop (which we will copy).
  2. Please obey cycling laws and follow the rules.
  3. Customers are responsible for any injury, repair costs, theft cost that may occur during their rental time.
  4. Always have the key at all times.
  5. Customers are responsible for paying all costs for bike theft or loss. Kyoto-Miyabiya offers an insurance service (which depending on the bicycle can be ¥200/ bike, ¥300/bike, ¥500/bike). If insured through us, if the bike is stolen or damaged the cost for replacing or repairing will be greatly reduced.
  6. In case of a flat tire, please go to the nearest bicycle shop and ask them to repair it.
  7. If bicycles are parked in non parking areas they may be towed by Kyoto city. If towed the customer is responsible for paying for the recovery cost. Please park in designated parking areas.