◇ No Japanese? No Problem!

  • We have English speaking staffs for customers who may not know Japanese.

Need travel advice? No Problem!

  • 1. All our customers can get a FREE detailed tourist map.
  • 2. As an added service our staff can show you where to and how to get to anywhere you might want to go to in Kyoto.
  • (Ex.1) Basic East (or West) Route.
  • (Ex.2) Recommend 3~5 Hours' Route.
  • (Ex.3) Where is Sushi Restaurant?
  • 3. Our staff can explain about no cycling zone, free & paid bicycle parking, and basic traffic rules.
  • 4. This map can be set on bicycle the basket as shown in picture ( like a manual GPS).

◇ Thirsty? Hand Cold? No Problem!

  • All our customers can get a FREE 500ml Bottle of Water or FREE Cotton Gloves by your choice!
  • (Gloves : only in winter)

◇ The longer the rental the lower the price!

  • For every rental of 2 or more days, we offer a per day discount starting at 10~20%. The more days you rent the bigger the discount. (Excluding City Bicycle A )
  • Ex.) In the case of City Bicycle C
  • 1st Day
    2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day
    \1,000 \800 \600
    \500 \400
    ( Total ) (\1,800) (\2,400)
    (\2,900) (\3,300)

◇ Tall? No Problem!

  • We offer a type of bicycles with a much longer than average seat pole.

◇ No place for your luggage? No Problem!

  • We can hold your luggage during your rental FREE of charge. This is a very useful after check-out and check-in before.

◇ Traveling with children? No Problem!

  • We offer bicycles for kids and children as well as bicycles with attached baby seats.

◇ Want more than just a city bike? No Problem!

  • We offer a great selection of bicycles/ Customers may choose between 18 different types of bicycles.

Rental cycle Kyoto MIYABIYA